Vivian Ripley

Classes and Workshops

Through Lifelong Learning & Leisure, Upper Arlington, OH

Spring - Summer 2019


Vivian has been showing her work both regionally and nationally for many years,

and has as many years of teaching experience. She is a signature member of Ohio

Watercolor Society, Kentucky Watercolor Society, Central Ohio Watercolor Society,

Degas Pastel Society, both the Wyoming and Missouri Watercolor Societies, International

Society of Acrylic Painters, a charter member of the Ohio Plein Air Society, and holds

membership in several central Ohio art groups. She recently won the Memorial Prize in

the Northeast National Pastel Exhibition. Recently, Vivian has had works in the

Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, the Kentucky Watercolor and

the Ohio Watercolor Society Shows, and the Southern Appalachian Art Guild National

Juried Show. She also won the Special Watercolor Award at the Ninth Biennial Art

Exhibition in Punta Gorda, FL, and the Bronze Medal at the recent Ohio Watercolor

Society show.


Classes & Workshop


Registration is ongoing: or by phone, in person, or by mail.

 Call Elise at 614-583-5331. You may also call Vivian with questions at 614-451-6254.

The three classes are all 8 weeks in duration. The fee is $114 for UA residents, and $138

for non-residents. The fee for the one-day workshop is $55 for UA residents, and $66

for non-residents. The fee for the one-and-a-half-day workshop is $76 for UA residents,

and $88 for non-residents.


Acrylic Workshop

April 8 - June 3 (skip May 27): Mondays, 7:30 - 10:00 PM, UA Senior Center

Building 1 (Room 105). This versatile medium can be applied with a variety of brush

strokes, resulting in a broad scope of interesting visual effects. A strong composition

evolves from our emphasis on design and value. The class includes progressive subject

matter, new techniques, individual attention and constructive critique. A very supportive

atmosphere. All levels. Supply list emailed.

"Vivian is very patient and will bring out the artist in you!”

“I like the variety of subject matter and techniques.



Pastel Unlimited

April 10 - May 29: Wednesdays, 12:00 - 2:30 PM, UA Municipal Services Center

(Lower Level Rec Room). The pastel techniques introduced emphasize tonal value, light,

color and pattern through a variety of subject matter - always something new! Vivian

demonstrates how to build a strong composition using a selection of strokes and effects.

Benefit from individual attention and constructive critique. All levels. Supply list emailed.

"Instructor - remarkable! She’s knowledgeable and encouraging!”

“Exceeded my expectations!”



Creating with Colored Pencil

April 12 - May 31: Fridays, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM, UA Municipal Services Center

(Lower Level Rec Room). Learn a variety of colored pencil techniques, applied in multiple

ways to a variety of surfaces. Composition, value, pattern, and color use are stressed.

The class features demonstration, personal attention and encourages individual projects.

 A relaxing and creative way to start the day! All levels. Supply list emailed.

"I appreciate the hands-on help, individual critiques and specific instruction!”

“Talented, student-centered teacher!”


Vivian’s Water Method with Pastel (one-day workshop)

Saturday, May 11: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, UA Senior Center Building 1, Room 105.

After the introduction of various pastel strokes and applications of color, we move quickly into Vivian’s “water method”.

This innovative idea is performed on unique surfaces and starts with with a wash of water to the first application of pastel.

 When dry, colorful pastel accents complete the work. The result is one of fluidity and richness.

Watercolorists with no pastel experience may also find the technique to their liking.

The instructor demonstrates and guides each student through the process.

All levels. Includes one-hour lunch break. Supply list emailed.



Pouring Your Painting: Watercolor Workshop (1 & 1/2 day workshop)

Saturday, August 3, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Sunday, August 4, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

UA Senior Center Building 1, Room 105. Take part in a fun and creative art experiment!

In this watercolor workshop, after designing our painting and learning how to save the whites,

we will actually be pouring paints onto a surface as we watch the mingling colors result in lights,

darks, and the unexpected. Next we will enhance and further accent our poured images with brushwork

as we each create and complete an entirely unique painting. All levels.

One-hour lunch break on Saturday. Supply list e-mailed.


Please feel free to call me with any questions concerning any of the above

classes or workshops. I look forward to seeing you!

Vivian Ripley 614-451-6254